Membership Benefits!

Just a quick reminder that you can save big money by becoming a member of the Houston Press Club!

It costs $50 per entry for the Lone Star Awards but it’s only $30 for members.  If you submit four entries you have already paid for your membership!  Additionally, members get discounts four the Lone Star Awards Banquet and the Gridiron Show, our annual fundraiser coming up this October!

If you can’t make those other events but still want to take advantage of membership prices for the Lone Star Awards (the best option for those who live outside of Houston) check out our Outlet Membership.  For just $200 everyone in your organization will be able to participate in the LSA for just $30.  However that does not qualify them for discounts for the banquet or Gridiron Show.

You can become a member by clicking on the ‘MEMBERSHIP’ link at the top of this website!


Before you pay through the Better BNC website, send me a notice at so I can make the adjustment to your profile.

Good luck, everyone!


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